Sergeant Robert Krebs

After more than 43 years with the Minneapolis Police Department, Sergeant Robert Krebs recently retired from service. During his time with the Department, he worked in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th Precincts, and the Vice, Street Crimes, Robbery, Homicide and IAU units.

Some of his most memorable moments include the time he spent with the 6th Precinct as a young officer and the 13 years he spent in homicide, from 1991-2004, which were the “very busy” years.

For new recruits, Sgt. Krebs recommends keeping notes and photos of the special and unusual things you will be involved in during your career.

His plans for retirement include taking it easy and enjoying the free time. If you would like to contact Sgt. Krebs, you can send him an email at

Thank you for all your service, Sgt. Krebs, and we hope you do enjoy your retirement!