Sergeant Marvin “Boomer” Schumer

After 28 years with the Minneapolis Police Department, Sergeant Marvin “Boomer” Schumer recently retired from service. During his time with the Department, Sgt. Schumer worked in the 4th and 5th Precincts in Traffic and Domestic, as well as the 4th Precinct in Property Crimes. His most memorable moments were answering 911 calls in the 4th Precinct during the first 12 years of his career.

For the new recruits just beginning their careers, Sgt. Schumer recommends you work hard, stay alert, and protect yourself and your partner. He also suggests you contribute to Deferred Comp immediately.

Sgt. Schumer recently moved into a new home in Big Lake and while he hopes to stay in touch with the coppers, his plans for retirement don’t include working at all.

If you would like to contact him, you can reach him via email at

Many thanks to Sgt. Schumer on nearly three decades of service to the Minneapolis Police Department and enjoy retirement in your new home!