Sergeant Barb Moe

Sgt. Barb Moe was with the Minneapolis Police Department for 24 ½ years and recently retired in July 2013. During her time with the Department, she worked patrol in the 3rd and 5th precincts, in the DARE program, the 5th Precinct Crack/CAT Team, as a Patrol Sergeant, in Homicide, in 2nd Precinct Property Crimes and again with Cold Case Homicide.

Over her long career with the Minneapolis Police, some of her most memorable moments were participating in Rookie School with Tim Prill, the great B-shift at 5’s, closing several cold homicides with convictions, and working with DeConcini are memories that Sgt. Moe will never forget.

She also has advice for new recruits. Sgt. Moe thinks it’s important to stay healthy and keep the job in perspective. She recommends newer officers should value personal relationships above the job, and for officers to be honest – if you do something dumb, don’t lie, just give a reason why you did it. Moe also thinks it’s key to find a rabbi/mentor.

Now that she is retired, Sgt. Moe has some plans for her free time. She wants to enjoy the exhilarating sense of freedom and spend time with family and friends. She also wants to explore and have many adventures.

Thanks to Sgt. Moe for nearly two and a half decades of service to the Minneapolis Police Department!