Officer Tom Lopez

Officer Tom Lopez recently retired after 23 years and 3 months with the Minneapolis Police Department. During his time with the MPD, Officer Lopez worked in the 3rd Precinct for 21 years and spent over 2 years in SIC.

Lopez says there are too many memorable moments to name over the 23 years he spent with the Department. “It was a great ride,” he says.

For the new recruits out there, Lopez urges not to drink until after the probation period is over and to get into deferred comp.

Now that Officer Lopez is retired, he hopes to take time to get more involved with music and photography.

If you would like to get in contact with him, you can reach him via cell phone, at (612)-802-7060, or via email, at

Many thanks to Officer Tom Lopez on so many years of service to the city of Minneapolis and enjoy retirement!