Officer Lee McDaniel

Officer Lee McDaniel recently retired from service to the Minneapolis Police Department. He spent nearly his entire career working in the 2nd precinct as a patrol officer, except for two months when he worked in the 4th precinct during his F.T.O.

One of his favorite memories consisted of an arrest that was made during a church service. McDaniel calls it “funny as hell!!”, but too long of a story to tell.

For those beginning their careers, Officer McDaniel warns recruits to not do anything that would embarrass their families or loved ones. He also suggests to make sure your actions don’t land you on the front of a newspaper for the wrong reasons.

Now that he has a lot more free time, McDaniel wants to relax and decompress. He doesn’t have any long-term plans at the moment. If you would like to reach out to him, send him an email at

Congratulations on your retirement, Officer McDaniel, and thank you for everything you’ve done during your time with the Minneapolis Police Department!