Officer Jim Nelson

jim_copAfter 16 years of service to the Minneapolis Police Department, Officer Jim Nelson is retiring. During his time he served in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Precincts, as well as the Traffic Unit.

Some of Officer Nelson’s most memorable moments come from the day-to-day 911 patrol with his partners, and he believes the best memories will come from the relationships you build with your coworkers.

To the new recruits, he recommends that you simply enjoy your time on the job. Don’t stress over the drama you can’t control. He also says to do whatever you need to make every shift as enjoyable as possible because it’s a great job!

Outside of his work with the Department, Officer Nelson is the owner and broker of Timber Ghost Realty, a company that helps people buy and sell real estate in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Timber Ghost consists of several retired military and law enforcement officers, and it offers a cop discount. Now that he has retired, he will spend his time working with the realty company.

If you would like to contact Officer Nelson, you can reach him at (651)-325-1384 or If you would like more information on Timber Ghost Realty, visit

Thank you to Officer Nelson for your years of service and good luck in your new endeavors!