October 13, 2016 – Statement from President Bob Kroll regarding Dayton’s Community Relations Council

Minneapolis, MN – Today, in yet another display of political pandering, Governor Dayton announced the creation of the “Governor’s Council on Law Enforcement and Community Relations.” The creation of a Council made up of the usual Noah’s Ark of government and association members defeats its own stated purpose. Among the Council’s 15 voting members, nowhere does it specifically include a police officer currently working an active patrol assignment. For a council tasked with improving relations among the community and law enforcement, the council should include at least three police officers actively working patrol assignments; one from a large city, a suburban setting, and a community in Greater Minnesota.

The Council is tasked with making policy recommendations to improve relations, adopt best practices and expand training programs but right now, over 800 Minneapolis police officers are working through their third round of US Department of Justice developed implicit bias training. Governor Dayton’s council just adds another layer of bureaucratic procedure that diverts focus, time, and resources to admiring problems instead of solving them. Minneapolis police officers and all of Minnesota’s peace officers are committed to protecting and serving their communities. Law enforcement and Minnesota’s many diverse and varied communities would be better served by a commitment from Governor Dayton and his Noah’s Ark council to consider the impact that the entire criminal justice system, along with poverty, education, jobs and economic development has on community relations.