May 1, 2020 Guest Post – Meuser, Yackley, & Rowland, P.A. “Support Transitional Healing Center”

Meuser, Yackley & Rowland, P.A. is actively involved in the legislative session addressing issues that are important to our law enforcement officers & other first responders. Over the past several months Firefighters For Healing worked with Senator Champion and Representative Dehn to draft 2 legislative bills in support of our Transitional Healing Center for first responders, burn survivors and their families connected by skyway to Hennepin Healthcare. We believe that Minnesota first responders deserve a place to stay should they find themselves in the Twin Cities after an injury or medical diagnosis. There is currently a bill on the house floor which provides for funding towards building a 15,000-square-foot Transitional Healing Center that will offer FREE overnight stays in 1-2 bedroom apartment for qualifying first responders and their families seeking medical care whether it’s for work or non-work related illness or injury. Click here to learn more about the bill on the House Floor (HF 3366) and click here to learn about the bill on the Senate Floor (SF 2975).

By May 8, will you please contact Senator Senjem and/or Representative Mary Murphy to show support of these bills that would provide funding for this building and the skyway that would connect it directly to Hennepin Healthcare?

We have taken the liberty of creating an email which pre-fills the email addresses for the legislators, the subject line and message:


Or, please call Senator Senjem at 651-296-3903 and/or Representative Mary Murphy at 651-296-2676 and leave this message:

“Hi, this is [insert your name] from [insert your city], Minnesota. I’m calling to ask that you please consider providing support for Firefighters For Healing’s Transitional Healing Center in the capital investment bonding bills HF3366 and SF 2975. The Healing Center will provide 12 fully furnished home-away-from-home apartmentsfor first responders, burn survivors and their families who travel to the Twin Cities from all over Minnesota.  Thank you for your ongoing support of Minnesota’s first responder heroes.”

Hear from MN House Representative, Dan Wolgamott, who is on the Bonding Committee. I also share the details of the bill and why it’s such an important piece of legislation for our first responders. As a charter board member & proud sponsor of Firefighters for Healing, I’ve seen firsthand how initiatives like this affect the lives of first responders & their families.

As you can imagine, if we’re going to make this building a reality it’s going to be in large part because of the support from each of you.  We need help from builders, developers, first responders, unions, area businesses, state authorities and individuals. Contact Firefighters for Healing if you want to get involved.