Legislative Update

Dear Members,
We share your concerns regarding some of the legislation that has been introduced during this session. We have set up these links as a resource for you and as a way to keep you updated on the activity during the session.

Below, you will find the different bill numbers. If you click on the bill number, it will direct you to the state website that has the bill information. If you click on this link, you will be directed to the state website where you can find your local representative. We will email the membership when committee action is going to take place so that you can contact your representative. We also hope you encourage your family and friends to call their representatives. This technique worked very well when we fought the residency requirement and we are hoping for the same success with the below legislation.

When you contact your representatives, it’s important to explain that you are a public sector employee and that you are dismayed by the recent attacks against public sector employees. Let them know that you are in law enforcement or are related to (friends of) someone in law enforcement. If you voted for the person, remind them of that. If they are authors or supporting the below legislation and they did not campaign on those issues, point that out to them.

Summary of Anti-Employee Bills