Harold Hagen

Appointed Dec 1, 1929
Died August 3, 1932

motorcycle patrolman, Harold HAGEN, was killed and four persons were
injured in a terrific smash on Victory Memorial Drive that wrecked a
small car and cut the policeman’s motorcycle in two.

crash, which occurred on August 3, 1932, threw the body of Patrolman
HAGEN 15 feet, killing him outright. The accident occurred at the
intersection of Thirty-ninth Street and the Drive.

The driver of the car was seriously hurt, and his wife and two passengers were also injured.

to the police accident squad, Patrolman HAGEN was traveling south on
the drive when the smash occurred. The automobile was traveling east on
Thirty-ninth Street.

Marks on the pavement indicated that HAGEN made a wide swing in an endeavor to clear the incoming car.

was a crash and pieces of the heavy motorcycle flew right and left. The
automobile, its occupants screaming, hurtled ahead, slewed and rolled

The mangled body of Patrolman HAGEN was tossed 15
feet through the air by the force of the impact, landing on the grass
of the boulevard. The crash cut the motorcycle in two, the front wheel
rolling one way, and the rest of the machine being thrown in the
opposite direction.

A crowd collected immediately,
aiding the injured persons from the machine. The injured were taken to
General Hospital. Hospital attendants said both the driver of the
automobile and his wife suffered fractured skulls. Their condition was
pronounced critical.

Patrolman HAGEN was born June 27,
1901. He was appointed to the police department as a patrolman December
1, 1929. He served as a member of the police purity squad in 1929 and
1930 and was transferred to the south side precinct station. On June 1,
1931, he was transferred to the traffic squad as a motorcycle

HAGEN was divorced and made his home at 1721
Portland Avenue So. He was 31 years old at the time of his death.
Burial took place on August 6, 1932 at Crystal Lake Cemetery in north