Guest Post – Prosperwell Financial: Minnesota Deferred Comp Plan Investment Allocation Assistance

Built on the academic framework called Prospect Theory that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002, our software is the first-ever way to pinpoint investor risk tolerance with math, and engineer portfolios to fit our clients individual needs.

We have designed the Risk Questionnaire to help understand each client’s feelings and biases regarding financial risk in the context of their personal financial position.

The resulting questions capture an investor’s “Risk Fingerprint.” As the name suggests, each investor has their own personal risk tolerance that is as unique as a fingerprint.

Why is this important? The data shows that most people are invested outside of that tolerance. When the market inevitably pulls back, they sell out, lock in significant losses, and wait until the market “feels safe” to buy back in at the high. We believe this poses the greatest threat to individual wealth, and our ultimate goal is to end that cycle.

This questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete, but the information that is generated will allow us to help you allocate your specific retirement plan options to fit your individual risk profile.

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