Guest Post – Meuser Law Office P.A. “First Report of Injury”

If you sustain an injury while in the course and scope of your employment here in the state of Minnesota you have various rights under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act. Before you’re entitled to those rights however, you are required to do certain things. This is very important. Often times employees will hold off on filing the First Report of Injury thinking that the injury will go away or they will give it a rest over the weekend or ‘I’ll ice it tonight’ and unfortunately they don’t report the injuries. The most important aspect of what you do is to report that injury. In our opinion you need to do more than simply report the injury to your supervisor. Often times a supervisor will not write it down or the supervisor will not report it to Human Resources. So in order to protect yourself now and in the future you need to send the supervisor, HR or the appropriate person written documentation that you have, in fact, sustained an injury; when the injury occurred; how it occurred; and what body part was affected. From there, your responsibility ends.

The employer is then responsible to prepare what is called a First Report of Injury. This is a document that they are required to file with the state of Minnesota confirming that in fact you have sustained an injury and that it has been reported to them. From there they will contact the workers’ compensation liability carrier and the process begins as it relates to your claim.

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