Georgiana L. Sharrot

Appointed June 16,1914
Died June 14, 1937

Sunday, January 31, 1937, Policewoman Georgiana L. SHARROT was crossing
the street at Lyndale and Franklin Avenues So., when she was run down
by a taxicab. The cab driver said he was turning left onto Lyndale
Avenue at the time of the mishap.

Policewoman SHARROT suffered a broken left leg and internal injuries. She was taken to General Hospital for treatment.

During the course of a lengthy hospitalization, she suffered a stroke.

Policewoman SHARROT died in the hospital on June 14, 1937 of
complications from her injuries. She was 67 years old at the time of
her death, and had been on the police department for 23 years.

Before becoming a policewoman, Mrs. SHARROT was a special officer for the Juvenile Protection League.

SHARROT was buried in Lakewood Cemetery on June 16, 1937. She had
resided at 5309 Columbus Avenue South, and was divorced and the time of
her death.