February 26, 2020 Guest Post – Meuser, Yackley & Rowland “Soldier’s 6”

Forward by Ron Meuser, Jr.

Jen Yackley & I met with Dana (who wrote the story below), her husband Ed & his service dog Rex to hear their story and learn how I can help. They founded an organization called Solder’s 6 whose mission is to provide honorably discharged veterans, police officers, and firefighters with specially trained K-9 dogs. The support they provide these brave individuals is nothing short of amazing and, unfortunately, very needed. We hear from our police officer & firefighter clients with PTSD that the suffering doesn’t end when the job is over and many don’t want the job to end. Dana and Ed’s story is very real, heartbreaking, and a reminder that we must be continuously supportive in any way we can. Please join me in supporting this worthy organization by going to https://www.soldiers6.com/how-can-i-help

“I don’t want to be alive.”

Those are the words I heard on a Tuesday morning before 8:00am. Just as our day is starting, boy off to school, wash going, dogs fed, the morning rush was in full force. I took a second to give him a hug, and as I did, he said, “I don’t want to be alive.” Now, one would think he’s making a threat and I need to be on high alert. First off, my job never ends, my shift is never over, I am always on high alert. I know him well enough to know he is a fighter. He got out of bed to kick life in the ass another day. He is not going to give up this fight. I know he’s tired, weak, vulnerable and incredibly sore. The trauma has manifested into intense pain that has settled into his body like an unwanted guest that never seems to go away. He doesn’t wake to an alarm. He doesn’t have to. He is usually up like clockwork, every morning at zero dark thirty because the pain won’t allow him to sleep.

So what does one do when they hear those gut wrenching words? I hug tighter, love harder, and rally my village to help me help him through.

Everyone should be so lucky as to have his village. Everyone should be so lucky to have the love and support, even on the days that he builds his wall higher and stronger as if to keep me out.

Please be that village for someone. Be the one who is stronger than the force that holds them. Help them to understand, tomorrow is another day. And with your love, guidance and friendship, they can get through.

Dana Abrahamson
Co-founder (with her husband Ed) of Soldier’s 6