December 14th, 2015 – AFSCME Local 600 MCF-Stillwater Resolution

We appreciate AFSCME Local 600 MCF-Stillwater’s support. Thank you!

Whereas on November 15th, 2015, the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th precinct was besieged by violent protest, and

Whereas protestors have hurled bricks, rocks, Molotov cocktails and defaced the precinct with vulgar graffiti while falsely claiming to be peaceful, and

Whereas protestors have made unreasonable demands in support of the late Jamar Clark, a convicted felon engaged in a violent crime,

Whereas our brothers & sisters in uniform have acted diligently to protect the right to free speech and assembly even under the most threatening conditions, and

Whereas officers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul have maintained order and civility in the face of irresponsible attacks from special interest groups, political figures, and media outlets, and

Whereas officers must make split-second decisions under extreme duress and do so according to their training and professionalism, and

Whereas justice can only be served after a fair and complete investigation and not according to the whim of mob rule, and

Whereas Local 600 believes in the virtue of public service, the right to due process and the integrity of those who don the uniform under the banner of public safety:

Therefore, be it resolved that AFSCME 600 stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of The Minneapolis Police Federation and The Saint Paul Police Federation.

Be it further resolved that AFSCME 600 wishes the victims of the November 15th attack full and speedy recoveries.

Be it finally resolved that AFSCME 600 will mobilize its members to support all of our brothers & sisters in uniform whenever and wherever the need should arise.

Dan R. Gorman
President, AFSCME Local 600

John C. Hillyard
President, AFSCME Corrections Policy