6th Annual Officer Greg Knoll Memorial Handgun Competition


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 6th Annual Officer Greg Knoll Memorial Handgun Competition, brought to you by the Minneapolis Police Shooting Team and the Minneapolis Police Range. Despite the bad weather and staffing at minimums that did not allow some Officers to attend the event, we still had 40 Officers participate.
The 24-round dynamic shooting course was designed to make the participant draw from a duty holster, engage multiple targets, reload, move and shoot from different positions, all while under the pressure of a timer. Each participant was allowed to shoot the course twice. Scores were calculated from the participant’s time in completing the course, with bonus points for making central hits, and hefty penalties for misses and/or hits on “no-shoot” targets. A short video of some participants shooting the course is attached. A lot of Officers that participated commented how much they enjoyed the event and being able to shoot a dynamic course.

Also attached are the final scores. The scores are calculated in different ways: All Calibers; 9mm only; .40 Caliber only; .45 Caliber only; and Per Precinct/Division. Congratulations to:

  • Sergeant Jarrod Roering – 1st Place in 9mm and Top Gun Overall
  • Officer Carl Blad – 1st Place in .40 Caliber
  • Officer Jomar Villamor – 1st Place in .45 Caliber
  • Officer Griffin Hillbo – 2nd Place in 9mm
  • Officer Chris Tucker – 2nd Place in .40 Caliber
  • Officer KeHeung Anderson – 2nd Place in .45 Caliber
  • Officer Jay Schmitt – 3rd Place in 9mm
  • Officer Ryan Johnson – 3rd Place in .40 Caliber
  • Officer Oscar Macias – 3rd Place in .45 Caliber

Melissa Knoll and her daughters Neva and Morgan attended the event with Melissa’s brother John, his wife Ann, and their two boys Carter and Will. They were greeted at the front door by Inspector Michael Kjos and received a tour of the 4th Precinct. They watched some of the Officers shoot the event, and during a downtime when the range was declared safe, they got to look at the shooting course. The children also got to assist the staff with picking up the brass and took some home for souvenirs. The Knoll Family was very appreciative that this event continues to be held. They enjoyed visiting with many friends and staying connected to our Police Family which Melissa Knoll said was a very big part of Greg’s life. Included are some pictures of the family at the event.

Special thanks to the MPD Administration for allowing this event to continue. Thanks also to the MPD Range Staff and the following MPD Shooting Team Members who worked the event (some off-duty): Sergeant Jarrod Roering, Officer Chris Tucker, Officer Jay Schmitt, Officer Ryan Johnson, Officer Steven Klimpke, Officer KeHeung Anderson, Officer Al Liotta, Officer Griffin Hillbo, Officer David Garman, Officer Michael Honeycutt, and Officer Jomar Villamor (Event Coordinator).
Morgan and Neva with Officer Jomar Villamor (Event Coordinator). Melissa’s nephews Will and Carter helping out with picking up spent casings.

Officer Greg Knoll’s Family: Front: Carter, Will, and Morgan. Back: Ann, John, Neva, and Melissa.

Neva and Morgan with Top Gun Champion Sergeant Jarrod Roering.

Morgan and Neva with Officer Jomar Villamor (Event Coordinator).

Melissa’s nephews Will and Carter helping out with picking up spent casings.